2021. 07


Dark Mage Dark Mage

Dark Mage, New magic class has finally arrived

Dark Mage

Update 01. New Class

Class Info
Power of Force in Soul

Several Wizards who delt with Force desired for power
that was different from elemental magic.
They secretly studied and experimented where they couldn't be found.
After decades of research, they were able to combine souls of the dead with the Force,
magic that can summon both darkness and soul.

They used a small sphere to control the souls
and subdue the enemies by wide ranged magic and curses.
Skilled ones often would directly possess a spirit and perform a new form of magic.

Exclusive Armor
Dark Mage wears Marshall Armor with exclusive appearance.
Wide-Range Skill
Several skills of Dark Mage creates totem causing damage to the surrounding enemies for a certain period.
Dark Mage can move independently while the totem is summoned and several totems can be summoned at the same area.
To prevent from being impacted by the skill, one must get out of the skill range.
Exclusive Weapon
  • Osmium
  • Mystic
  • SIGMetal
  • Mithril
  • Archridium
  • Battle Mode 2
Class Video

Mirage Island (Awakened)

Update 02. New Dungeon

Dungeon Narrative

Finally the Explorers of Nevareth suceeded in defeating all the monsters that took over the island,
and arrived at the temple on top of the island.
However, the Explorers were unable to find any information about the island, monster and temple.
Without any luck, they decided to leave the island.
As soon as the explorer's exited the temple, the entire island started to rumble.
As the Volcano burst, the land started to split and fireballs started to fall.
However there was something else that lead the Explorers to their despair.
Defeated monsters started to appear again with stronger power than before.
While battling the monsters, the explorers came to the entrance of the island and found a new path.
At the end of the new path, they spotted another temple.
The explorers were afraid but headed off to the temple to find the secrets of the island..

Dungeon Information
Dungeon Name
Mirage Island (Awakened)
Port Lux (X:236 Y:9)
190 Lv. +
Entry Item
Drifting Bottle (Awakened)
Dungeon Info
Fantasy of Mirage Island has been broken and the truth has emerged. Can gain craft material for new accessory 'Brooch'
Dungeon Accessory
※Can craft new accessory 'Brooch' with craft material dropped from the new dungeon
  • Brooch Craft Item
  • Brooch
Dungeon Preview
Dungeon Monster
  • 1 Boss - Guardian Golem
  • 2 Boss - Gorgo
  • 3 Boss - Grogue
  • 4 Boss - Bariald
  • 5 Boss - Garliardo
  • 6 Boss - Classio
  • 7 Boss - Tolerant
  • 8 Boss - Dispensio
  • 9 Boss - Ageluth(New)
  • 10 Boss - Chief Laxar(New)

Awakening AuraMode

Update 03. New OLV Skill

Awakening Requirements
Transcendence Lv. OLV 50+
Awakening Target Skill
Learn Aura Mode by craft request(Flame, Lightening, Aqua, Ice)
Open more slots for each Aura Mode to gain more powerful Awakening Aura
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