2023.08 PART XIX


Those armed with the Power of the Dragon will conquer Nevareth

Equipment containing the grudge of a powerful dragon

The People of Nevareth, who grew throgh endless struggles, obtained the power to stand up to dragons.

However, if you simply make equipments with dragon scales and bones, the powerful force contained in the material cannot be expressed and

it disappears into the nature.

One day, abnormal phenomena began to occur in the lava areaof Port Lux.

The monsters that inhabited the area became stronger andshowed a fanatical obsession towards certain area.

'Dark Mage Lirin', who was in charge of investigating this anomaly, felt a strong grudge in the area and in the process of investigating,

she discovered a new mineral that she had never seenbefore.

'Lirin' could not give up on this attractive mineral and promised to make the strongest equipment that made use of the characteristics

of the mineral with the help of Master 'Papun'

In the end, they completed armor, battle, and martial combat equipment that fit the characteristics of the three continents, and

New Item

  • COSTUME.01 Armor
  • COSTUME.02 Battle
  • COSTUME.03 Martial
  • COSTUME.04 Dark Mage
  • Great Sword
  • Daikatana
  • Chakram
  • Blade
  • Katana
  • Shield
  • Orb
  • Crystal
  • staff
  • Dragonium Scythe
  • Dragonium Gun
  • Dragonium Bow
Force Wing New Transcendence Grade
Transcend Unique Grade to 'Epic Grade'
The next step of the unique grade, 'Epic' has been updated to transcend the Force Wing one step further. Epic stats can be added to Advent skills and additional training for Force Wing is unlocked.
Holia Treestie
Sky City above the clouds

The Heroes and Force Gunner 'Long', who suppressed the Wind Sprit King, reached the top of the World Tree.

self-proclaimed ruler of the skies, who vanished with a cryptic message: "Come higher".

Following Hix's vanishing point

expectations of boundless open skies were replaced

them awestruck.

The pristine white city concealed

Wing, obtained from Holy Keldrasil

Questions swirled in thir minds

Force Wings reach such heights?

Dungeon Name Holia Tresstie
Location Port Lux (X:23 Y:25)
Level Lv. 190+, BSLV. 11+
Entry Item Mystical Feather
Dungeon Info Pass through the branches of the World Tree to reach a city floating in the sky. Acquire 'Essence of Wing(Epic)', a growth material for the Force Wing Epic grade.

Dungeon Preview

Dungeon Monster

Palestra Inferna
Survive as long as possible to earn more Alz!
Dungeon Name Palestra Inferna
Level Lv. 200
Entry Item Key of the Mighty Fighter
Dungeon Info Defeat the monsters that appear successively. Monsters become stronger as you progress forward. Get large amount of Alz in the shop as a reward item by killing enemies as long as possible within the time limit.

Dungeon Preview



A wrecked airship that exists in another dimension

Heroes who breached the Metal Clan's Maquinas Outpost

investigation, an enigmatic signal activated the warp device.

Swiftly assembling an expedition

unfamiliar airship.

As the expedition explored their surroundings

air itself, felt alien

Dungeon Name Celestia
Location Pontus Ferrum (X: 95 Y:128)
Level Lv. 190+
Entry Item Dimensional Ship's Key
Dungeon Info Wreckage of a shattered airship that came from somewhere outside of Nevareth Acquire materials for making a new unique earring, 'Perius' Earring'

Dungeon Preview

Dungeon Monster


Event Pass: Clue in the Abyss

Event Pass for quality Cabal life
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