CABAL Transcendence

2022년 7월 CABAL Transcendence Part XIV

인젠스 프로릴리움

새로운 미션 전쟁의 시작! 신규 미션 전쟁과 도전 던전, 개편된 포스윙 시스템을 만나보세요!

Update 01

Mission War Name


  • Mission War Name : Ingens Proelium

  • War duration : 30 min

  • Entry Conditions : You can enter the battlefield if you meet the entry combat power by changing equipment in the lobby.

  • Dungeon Info : New mission war on linear battlefields

신규미션 전쟁 특집

  • The PvP zone is for player versus player combat, where users can earn high scores by fighting with each other. The PvE zone is for player versus environment gameplay, where players can acquire buffs that can help them in battles in the central zone. However, there is low battle rate between users in this zone.

  • A structure where the main base is not occupied, and players are encouraged to actively participate in battles to earn points. Buffs and high national/individual scores can be obtained by winning battles in the central sanctuary and occupying the area.

  • In the lower sanctuary, players can also acquire buffs that can support the central zone by competing with other nations. A competitive and strategic element, with players vying for control and dominance over different zones and earning rewards for their performance in battles.

신규 미션 전쟁 필드

Update 02

무한의 시련

Update 03


Dungeon Preview

Dungeon Monster

Update 04


던전 정보

Infinite Ordeal
Bloody Ice (X:66, Y:22)
LV. 200
Entry Item
Scroll of Ordeal
Dungeon Info
It is a single-player dungeon, where you compete with other users by playing as
many stages as possible and earning points.
The goal is to progress through a dungeon while facing changing patterns or
challenges. The objective is to clear the dungeon and continue progressing for as
long as possible.
Calculate the ranking for each season based on progress records
Provide benefits such as buffs and titles according to the season results

던전 내부 스크린샷

Update 05

포스윙 개선

  • 포스윙 UI 이미지
Update 06