Polluted Forbidden Forest, Blychenor

Purifier in the Woods

New Dungeon and Costume System Update
update. 01

Purifier in the Woods

Dungeon Narrative

"Forest untouched by humans"

Deadly plague has spread to the Green Despair area and residents have begun to callapse.

Sage Capella, who recently received a report that the area of the Crimson Forest was expanding

Decided that the Red Forest might be the source of infection and dispatched environmental researchers

To find the source of the contamination and purify it.

After a while, contact was lost, leaving behind a short distress signal, and the remaining people realized

that something bad had happend to them. If the purification of the forest fails as is, there was a possibility

that the Green Despair area will turn into a land of death where humans cannot live, so measures had to be taken quickly.

In order to eliminate the infection before it becomes irreversible, Sage Capella requested the warriors who made their name

on the Nevareth continent to investigate and the warriors who accepted the request began exploring deep into the forest.

Dungeon Info

Dungeon Name

Purifier in the Woods


Green Despair (X:24 Y:248)


Lv. 190+

Entry Item

Mountain Radar

Dungeon Info

Lush crimson forest that has not been allowed to be touched by humans.

New Amulet crafting materials can be obtained.

Dungeon Preview

Dungeon Monster

update. 02

New Unique Amulet

Gaia Force Amulet
Terra Force Amulet
Gaia Force Amulet

Obtained by requesting it from Chloe using Orphidia's Soul and Serum of Earth.

Terra Force Amulet

Obtained by requesting it from Chloe in Port Lux using Gaia's Mercy as a material.

update. 03

Revamp Costume System

New Costume system to see your favorite costumes.

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